Sunday, October 27, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 28.11-03.11

With the All Saints and Halloween coming next weekend, there's slightly less happening in Krakow, which obviously doesn't mean you'll be let hanging musicless in the next days. Below are my suggestions.

28.11 Jam Session at Harris Piano Jazz Bar 
A session with Cracovian's own talents - Bartek Prucnal (saxophone), Mateusz Gaweda (piano), Piotr Poludnial (bass) and Dawid Fortuna (drums). To start your week properly.

29.11 Gerard Lebik / Clayton Thomas / Christian Marien at Alchemia
The concert is an additional event to Krakow Autumn Jazz, a polish-german collaboration that should yeald some interesting results. Clayton Thomas is especially well-known in Krakow and his bass preparations are a separete spectacle to behold. Expect road signs, metal, rubber and plastic of all shapes and kinds beside the double bass.

29.10 Orkiestra Wieniawa at Nowa Huta Culture Centre
For something much more traditional, but definitely a lot of fun - a young big band playing both with repertoire ranging from Strausss to Ellington. If you like big retro sound, this must be alluring.

03.11 Antler at Piec'ART
Three musicians and sort of a peculiar line-up with Johan Lindvall (synth), Jan Martin Gysmervik (drums), and Natali Abrahamsen Garner (voice). Quite honestly only Lindvall's name is vaguely familiar but concerts of unknown scandinavian's in Piec'ART tend to be filled with good surprises.

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