Monday, November 29, 2010

Jazzowy Alchemik was waiting for You at 8pm CET (28.11.2010) with Billy, Johnny and Ken

Today at we'll have another strange mix. We'll start with Billy Strayhorn's classic "Take the 'A' Train" (birthday today), then celebrate late Johnny 'Mbizo' Dyani (birthday tomorrow) with couple of pieces, all of this interlayered with
-Ken Vandermark solo inspirations (Ken is playing solo today at Alchemia)
-two pieces from just reviewed Locksmith Isidore cd
-two pieces by Cukunft (polish answer to Radical Jewish Culture movement, they're plaing in Krakow this friday)
-and 1 improv selected from "Resonance" box  by Tim Daisy, Mark Tokar, Steve Swell, Mikolaj Trzaska (group called "Inner Ear" with Tim, Steve, Mikolaj and Per-Ake Holmlander is playing tomorrow the last concert of this year's Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival, followed by a party with Ken Vandermark as a DJ (!); Mark is playing on saturday with Waclaw Zimpel, Klaus Kugel and Robert Kusiolek).
We'll finish with "now for something completely different" two pieces of Trifonidis Downtown Project which is very much a soundtrack to a not created yet movie about Warszawa (very different project with the same leader - Trifonidis Free Orchestra is playing on saturday as a part of Jazz Juniors festival).
Pollock. The Deep

1. Clifford Brown & Max Roach - Take the 'A' Train
2. Locksmith Isidore - Man or Ray
3. Ken Vandermark - Lines (for Lennie Tristano) (baritone sax)
4. Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani - Msunduza (both from "Good News From Africa")
Pollock. Shimmering Substance

5. Cukunft
6. Tim Daisy, Mark Tokar, Steve Swell, Mikolaj Trzaska - improv ("Resonance", day 3, set 1, track 1)
7. Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani - Good News / Swazi / Waya-Wa-Egoli
 8. Ken Vandermark - Immediate Action (for Jackson Pollock) (tenor sax)
Mondrian. Rhythm of Black Lines
9. Cukunft
10. Johnny Dyani - Eyomzi (both pieces from "Witchdoctor's Son" with John Tchicai, Dudu Pukwana)
11. Locksmith Isidore - Moor Gone Door Gone
12. Ken Vandermark - Would a Proud Man Rather Break Than Bend (for Mississippi Fred MacDowell) (tenor sax)
13. Johnny Dyani - Magwaza (trad, arranged by Dyani)

14. Ken Vandermark - Panels (for Erik Satie and Piet Mondrian) (clarinet)
15. Trifonidis Downtown Project - Moments
16. Trifonidis Downtown Project - Space Beyond the City

Mondrian. Line and Color

additional birthday notes:
birthday of Fredrik Ljungkvist today :)
1.12 - Jaco Pastorius, Jimmy Lyons
2.12 - Wynton Kelly
4.12 - Cassandra Wilson, Jim Hall
5.12 - Art Davis

birthday of Billy Strayhorn! A great take on "Take the 'A' Train" by Mingus Sextet

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