Friday, August 21, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule -23.08 / Singer Jazz Festival

I didn't put up the post for the whole week earlier since there's only one jazz related concert this week that I'd like to recommend. Most of the music fans in Krakow are probably enjoying now the indie-pop-electronica Krakow Live Festival anyway.

For the next week I'd like to invite you to Warsaw for its 12th Jewish Culture Festival called Singer which has a very inviting jazz section of the program.

22.08 Aga Derlak Trio at Piec'ART
Aga Derlak's trio is a young band, but their talent has already been recognized, they have gathered quite a few festival recognitions (Krakow's Jazz Juniors among them) and have recently released a debut cd in slovacchian Hevhetia label that has become very active in promoting polish jazz. The trio is certainly an intriguing new voice and deserves more attention.

22-30.08 Singer Jazz Festival
Jazz part of Singer Festival in Warsaw is curated by an esteemed critic Adam Baruch. The main thread of this year's edition is the presence of Albert Beger who will perform a series of concerts with polish jazz musicians and bands (among them the acclaimed rhythm section Oles Brothers, the promising free jazz duo Pezda - Gaweda). There will also be other performances including Paul Brody's Sadawi band and kosher gospel (had no idea there even is such a thing).
Next week in Warsaw should give plenty of musical and cultural satisfaction.

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