Sunday, August 2, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 03-09.08

IT's going to be a very hot week, according the weather channels, which makes a great occasion to chill down with some excellent music on a couple of evenings:

03.08 Free The Dance - Duos at Sunset at BAL
Another installment of the Free The Dance series, this time a minimal setting with Malgorzata Haduch (dance) and Paulina Owczarek (baritone sax). The meeting of arts for the open-minded.

05-06/08 Janusz Zdunek & Marienburg at Piec'ART
Janusz Zdunek is one of the musicians who were part of the yass revolution that tried to overthrew the status quo of polish jazz scene in the 90's. With his Marienburg band he continues his postmodernism approach to music as they merge electronica, jazz, chillout, post-rock and other stuff. Minimalistic and hypnotic and quite accessible.

06.08 Bothur / Kowalewski / Skolik Trio at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
This a great sax trio that operates within the margin of mainstream jazz but taking advantage of the freedom that the format gives. With the classy veterans Adam Kowalewski and Arek Skolik taking care of the swing Jaroslaw Bothur tackles the material that ranges from Billy Strayhorn to Ornette Coleman. Their 2012 cd "Ramblin'" was a true pleasure to listen to, as I'm certain will be this concert as well.

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