Monday, September 7, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 07-13.09 / Fire! at Pardon To Tu

Below the weekly line-up of concert recommendations with two events of particular interest. Firstly, Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival is near and we'll have finally a taste this week. Secondly, Fire! will play a double-night in Pardon To Tu in Warsaw which became an amazingly active stage for creative music in the last few years and hopefully many more to come.

08.09 Pat Thomas / Joel Grip / Antonin Gerbal at Alchemia (Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival Preview)
Pat Thomas is clearly one of the most important if under-appreciated figures of british improv scene. In all honesty I'm not a big fan of his keyboards, but I'm very curious about what he'll cook up with the young cats to tease the upcoming Krakow Atumn Jazz Festival!

08-09.09 Eyot at Piec'ART
Eyot is a quartet from Serbia led by Dejan Ijilic on piano. They fuse elements of jazz, classical, balkan and rock music. In fact they do cite Pink Floyd and Radiohead among their influences which sounds quite intriguing.

10.09 Jacek Kochan / Gavin Ahearn / Michal Kapczuk at Piec'ART
The band calls themselves "Third of the three", apart from which there's literally no additional info to be found on the club's webpage. Either way, with Jacek Kochan at the helm, you can expect some solid modern jazz to played there that night.

13-14.09 Fire! at Pardon To Tu
Fire! is a kraut-rock-psychodelia-trance-improv-jazz trio that plays some scary stuff, not really a surprise if you have the prince of saxophone noise Mats Gustafsson on board along with monster rhythm section Johan Berthling and Andreas Werlin. The concerts are even more special with the fact this is the only two-night residency of their tour.

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