Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 22-27.09

So far there's still no concrete dates for Autumn Jazz Festivals although some leaks I got are really exciting. In the meantime you can celebrate John Coltrane's birthday this week, witness birds' conference or enjoy your weekend with a flash. More details below:

23.09. Tyto Alba - musical performance in Srodmiejski Dom Kultury (Mikolajska street)
A musical performance about melancholy and birds. The concept art is by Michal Libera. The opera will be performed by the author in the company of Martin Kuchen on saxophones (who I hope needs no introduction), sound engineer Ralf Meinz and singer Barbara Kinga Majewska.

23.09. John Coltrane's birthday party at Piec'ART
The one and only will be remembered by some of the Krakow's young cats: Slawek Pezda, Mateusz Gaweda, Mike Parker and Grzegorz Palka who will tackle Coltrane's own compositions during the night.
(the clip below is is not related directly to the band playing this week. It is however a great Coltrane tribute, a composition from the first cd by Milosc - a legendary polish formation that stormed polish jazz scene in 90's).

26.09. The Flash! at Alchemia
The Flash! is a young band with Slawek Pezda (tenor sax) Kuba Dworak (bass) and Max Olszewski (drums) that rocks hard on stage, combining punk attitude and avant jazz. The band is really a blast to here live.

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