Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AutorYno & Pitom at Piękny Pies (23.05)

Another concert under the Muzykoterapia wings. I run from the radio studio to get to this one, but if John Zorn's personal recommendation isn't good enough reason to be at the concert than what is?

Actually the second big reason for me to see the event was expected presence of Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz and Kevin Zubek - fantastic rhytm section that fueled some fantastic music with its energy (trio ledy by Daniel Zamir comes to mind as another example or Radical Jewish Culture movement, but also a great cd with Daniel Carter or astyonishingly beautiful release with polish piano player - Joachim Mencel). Bad news though - those two had to stay in NY and Pitom band would play with the rhythm section of AutorYno filling in.

Pitom's music is complex and highly structured, quirky riffs, almost mathematical precission to some of the passages, the violin adds more subtle, more exotic accent and the unisonos between the guitar and violin are sharp. Yoshie Fruchter's soloing is engaging and inspiring, Jeremy Brown is even rawer, his tone passionate and cuts the edge. But while Bertrand and Cyril were doing a great job filling in, the fact that they're not entirely familiar with the material was showing in a way that the playing lacked the natural flow, the sense of liberty. Hard to judge this performance since I've seen only a half of it, considering the circumstances it was solid and enjoyable, but there was too little spark to it. The compositions are strong and heavy, the soloing is adventourous yet it seems that the potential is not entirely realised.

The spark(s)  came through with the second set and AutorYno with David Konopnicki (can't have a more clearly polish surname than that) stepping onto the stage. Powerfull guitar trio that would do it all : fusion, hard rock, punk, psychodelic, rock''n'roll, klezmer. The synergy is clear, the rhythm section shows its true value, allowing itself much more liberty. The guitar solo pyrotechnics are absolutely great, the music danceable, very enteraining with extremely high value of foot-tapping and head-banging factors - riffs are energetic, grooves are hard and infectious. What else to want really from a rock guitar trio? 

The party is on and fun sparks are flying all around when the Pitom frontline joins AutorYno for the encores. First there's a surfin' rock klezmer tune with a round of blistering solos. Then the tour manager joins the group for some funky hip-hop, and I tell you he's got moves.

Two very interesting groups, led by two very original guitarits. If you're looking for energetic and adventourous instrumental rock, you should check those. And if you want to have fun evening - you can't go wrong with those two bands either.

David Konopnicki - guitar
Bertrand Delorme - bass
Cyril Grimaud - drums

Yoshie Fruchter - guitar
Jeremy Brown - violin
(Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz - bass; Kevin Zubek - drums) - absent

Piękny Pies. Krakow. 23.05.2011


  1. Thanks a lot for coming, for this blog, for this listening, and for your so nice comment !
    a bientôt and thanks for your support !

    David Konopnicki

  2. It was a lot of great fun :) keep it up!


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