Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jorgos Skolias & Bronek Duzy at Harris (07.05)

I don't venture too often to Harris Piano Jazz Bar which is usually a mainstream (jazz, blues, fusion) venue. But on the other hand there's little or nothing mainstream about this duo - voice and trombone, nor in the instruemental setting, nor in the material and the execution.
Jorgos Skolias and Bronislawa Duzy (with the help of Jorgos's son Antonis on the drums in the 2nd set) create a musical that is mutli-ethnic, multi-lingual (as Jorgos sings mixing polish, english, suahili or greek) yet universal in its nature. Whether it's dynamic take on Jimi Henrix's "Foxy Lady" or emotional folk-like song "Imema" the music created by this duo is deep and coulurfull. Both Jorgos and Bronislaw use two microphones -one with natural sound, the other with an electronic feedback effect on it, but it doesn't take away the fact that their are bare and exposed and every little detail of their playing is audible. Bronislaw use extensively harmonic sound on trombone (thus stating both the melodic and harmonic base of the song) and Jorgos treats his voice in a very instrumental way, takes extensive solos (quite often humorous), experiments with his timbre, with folk, roots vocal techniques (ethno scat if you'd like to find a catchy name for it). 
In the meantime Jorgos keeps the dialogue with the audience vivid and joyful, which only makes the music more accessible and enjoyable, while mantaining a spiritual ethos of those songs. I've seen this duo a couple of times and while I'd like to hear more new material, they are quite unique, creating a musical message on their own. Recommended

Jorgos Skolias - voice, small percussion objects
Bronislaw Duzy - trombone
Antonis Skolias - drums

Harris Piano Jazz Bar. Krakow. 07.05.2011

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