Thursday, May 5, 2011

RED Trio & Keir Neuringer at Alchemia (04.05)

Because of other obbligations I couldn't arrive at Alchemia around 8 pm to see the whole concert, but as soon as I was free I run to the place hoping to catch at least the final moments of the evening. I consulted the timetable afterwards and it turned out I was just a couple minutes late for the 2nd set, and was immediately surprised - as I could hear clearly (however unnaturally high screaming it was) sound of a saxophone. And surprise was even greater when I saw it was Keir Neuringer, whom I praised recently for his playing with Rafal Mazur (here).
I haven't took any notes so here's just some quick summary before I forget what I wanted to write:
The 2nd set consisted of two extended improvisation, and it was a great display of powef of communication - the interplay between the trio players is clear, their synergy almost visible, but to add one completely unknown element to this mixture and mantain the ability of such drammatic narration is absolutely stunning. The quartet, with a very much ensemble and democratic playing, would move through dark and eerie landscapes, at ease creating new build-ups and sudden collapses. Within a limited frame of notes that would resonance forever they were able to create feeling of space that is both open and frightening. There were some wild and raw energy exchanges, other moments would remind of Cage's piano interludes fragile, beauty (repetitive phrases on prepared piano), most of the time they'd stay somewhere in the no man's land, those mysterious moments in which you know that the storm is coming, when the tension underlying the playing is much more powerfull device of expression than the storm itself. As if they were following Alfred Hitchcock's recipes for suspense.
The great news is that the 2nd set was recorded. Can't wait to hear it again. Dark, gripping, powerful stuff.

RED trio
Rodrigo Pinheiro - piano
Hernani Faustino - double bass
Gabriel Ferrandini - drums
Keir Neuringer - alto saxophone (2nd set only, which incidentally was the only one I could have see)

Alchemia; Krakow. 04.05.2011

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  1. Even better news is both sets were perfectly recorded by dtsstudio! :)
    The concert was really great!


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