Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor at Alchemia (30.05)

 I've recently written about this trio's last cd here so I'll only briefly write about the last evening's performance. Based on the selection of songs from both of the band's cds (although leaning more heavily towards the new once) the trio delivered what was promised by the studio recording and more. Sticking for the most part to the head - solos - head format they nonetheless played music that was exciting and fresh. Avram Fefer's way of playing is emotional and intense, introducing expressivity of fire free music to tonal modes and catchy melodies (think Archie Shepp, David Murray, Rahsaan Roland Kirk). Eric Revis, with most of the tracks being based on a solid and steady bass motiv serves as a true anchor to this group, his tone is so deep and strong. Chad Taylor adds his african polyrhythmics and keeps the music dancing lightly and joyfully mantaining the tap factor high.
They started gently but with each track they gathered strength and memomentum with wild and relentless take on "Eliyahu" (dedicated to Avram's late father) being the highlight of the evening - extended improvisations, free and wild, true spiritual fire, raw bowed bass solo (Eric Revis may be the bass player of choice for Branford Marsalis but, oh man, he can play free!). Just four tracks of the first set clocked over 70 minutes (hardly even to be noticed) which gives a good idea of how engaging and enjoyable this concert was. Whether it's the south africa chant of "Song for Dyani" or furious fast-walking free-bop of "City Life", or finally the lullaby-ballad "Taste for Love" they played as the encore - this band can swing, bop or free making those adjectives irrelevant and bringing the finest in jazz.

Avram Fefer - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Eric Revis - bass
Chad Taylor - drums

Alchemia. Krakow. 30.05.2011

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