Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Jazz Alchemist Radio Archives - Anthony Braxton and some old news from 2009

Since at around 8pm CET on monday  I'll be getting ready to enjoy the Avram Fefer trio concert at Alchemia (I wrote about their new cd "Eliyahu" recently here), no live show and no new playlist tomorrow. Instead, from the not so vast archives Jazz Alcehmist, a program that was aired originally on 08.06.2009 will be replayed, there was some talk about Anthony Braxton's birthday (04.06) and, at the time, a handful of fresh releases among which, incidentally, the frist cd "Ritual" by the Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor trio. Hope you'll enjoy it: at 8pm CET.

1. Nu Band - The Last of the Beboppers
2. Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet - Zoni
3. Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor - Club Foot
4. Tony Malaby - Sonoita
5. Anthony Braxton Charlie Parker Project - Night In Tunisia
6. Loco Star - Flags (for something completely different, an alternative pop band that played couple of days before the program)
7. Maciej Obara Trio - The Other Obara
8. Charles Mingus - Original Fables of Faubus (ft. Ted Curson - birthday on  03.06)
9. Transit (Jeff Arnal, Seth Misterka, Nate Wooley, Reuben Radding) - Speaking in Tongues
10. Anthony Braxton & Joe Fonda - Autumn in New York
11. Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor - When The Spirit Moves You

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