Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Jazz Alchemist Radio with Miles, Bob and others

As usually, Monday 8 pm CET I invite you to tune in to for some good music. I'll present some music from the recently reviewed cds (Veryan Weston's "Different Tesselations", Avram Fefer Trio "Eliyahu", James Falzone's KLANG "Other Doors"), a piece or two from Super Seaweed duo EP (they just played in Krakow, more about that here). Bob Dylan's birthday is this week so I'd like to play his song performed by a tribute band Jewels & Binoculars led by great Michael Moore. Also Miles Davis' birthday so I guess he has to make at least a short cameo appearance on the playlist. Plus a possible co-host for the evening (just passing through Krakow).
Hope to catch you on facebook chat during the program.

1. KLANG - These Foolish Things (postlude)
2. KLANG - Stompin' at the Savoy
3. Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Talyor - Song for Dyani

due to some technical issues the playlist started late and first songs will appear again during the usual 'replay' after the live program is over.

4. Veryan Weston - Vociferous Choir - Tesselations II second part
5. Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor - Appropriated Lands
6. Super Seawed Duo - track 6 (untitled from their EP)
7. Veryan Weston - Leo Svirsky - Tesselations I (scales 6-14)

8. Jewels & Binoculars - Visions of Johanna
9. Miles Davis - Blues No. 2
10. KLANG - Memories of you
11. Jewels & Binoculars - Highway 61 Revisited
12. Avram Fefer, Eric Revis, Chad Taylor - City Life
13. Veryan Weston - Vociferous - Tessellations II third part

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