Monday, May 9, 2011

Free Jazz Alchemist Radio with Gary & Keith, Ahmed, Major and others.

Today's program will include samples from recently reviewed ("De Profundis" by Anrzej Przybielski & Oles Brothers and "Karate" by Alexy Kruglov and Jaak Sooaar Trio). Also we'll have some birthday wishes to Keith Jarrett and Gary Peacock, Ahmed Abdullah, Mary Lou Williams. Last but not least couple of songs by Jorgos Skolias / Bronilaw Duzy duo (who played a nice concert only two days ago).

The program starts at 8pm (CET) on Waiting for you to tune in and chat via facebook.
Playlist will be posted here near the end of the show and as is the custom lately, will be repeated after the program is over.

1. Andrzej Przybielski & Oles Brothers - Afroblue
2. Ahmed Abdullah Quartet - Mayibeu (Ahmed's britdhay on 10.05)
3. Jorgos Skolias & Bronislaw Duzy Duo - Imena
4. Alexey Kruglov & Jaak Sooaar Trio - Pust' Vsegda Budet Solntse
5. Dave Dougls Sextet  - Mary's Idea (piecy by Mary Lou Williams  - born on 08.05.1910)
6. Keith Jarrett Trio - When I Fall In Love (Keith's birthday on 08.05, Gary Peacock born on 12.05)
7. Ahmed Abdullah Solomoni Quintet - Gypsy Dance
8. Alexey Kruglov & Jaak Sooaar Trio - The Battle
9. Anrzej Przybielski & Oles Brothers - Guru
10. Jorgos Skolias & Bronislaw Duzy - Zeimbekiko
11. Keith Jarrett Trio - Free Fade

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