Friday, May 20, 2011

Super Seaweed Duo at Eszerweria (19.05)

Muzykoterapia (I think it doesn't need translation) concert series presents experimental music of any sort and delivers underground live experience that is usually even more alternative than free-jazz. Super Seaweed Duo comes from the New York and that is almost a recommendation in itself so that's already two reasons to show up this evening at Eszeweria . During the period of students' festival and all kind of big, open-air, mass events, this served as a great antidote to the popular culture (if anyone wants one).

With a small drums set, guitar and array of loops and effects this mini-group can play both minimal and expansive. They start with a drone motive on drums, repetition inside repetition, hipnotic, trans-inducing and  slowly evolving. The communication is apparent and beyond the verbal. Within spontaneous structure of sine wave moments of destruction would bring new drones, new ambiental landscapes, new loops, echoes, feedbacks and distortions. With minimal movement and maximum focus this duo creates music that is engaging, quite mellow even while mantaining its experimental edge . And somewhere within this shapeshifting magma sonic reality moments of volatile beauty manifest.  

Still not sure what it was (let's call it experimental, minimalistic, post-rock, post-jazz, post-punk free improvisation) but I thouroughly enjoed it.

Super Seaweed Duo
Justin Veloso - drums
Paul Wheeler - guitar / effects

Eszeweria. Krakow. 19.05.2011

You can listen to almost entire material of  their EP on (no.s 3 and 4 could be the closest to the music they played during this gig, but it's all good)
as well as part of the material of EP by Super Seaweed Sex Scandal which this duo is a core of.
The group nears the end of it european tour but you can still catch them in Krakow (tonight again with a noise evening, different place and additional musicians, I hope to catch the last set), Wroclaw, Moers and Ghent in the next few days.

I only catched two last pieces of the next day concert (the music was still dense, minimalistic - guys played a whole piece on just a couple of notes, much darker) - while there's no sense in posting a separate review I just had to mention the place the concert was in - Cellar Gallery is just a regular old, dusty, dark basement space. With art objects exhibited on the brick naked walls. One of the most underground and surprising spaces I've ever been to and the most underground space I've ever witnessed a concert in. Hope more is coming.

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