Sunday, May 13, 2012

Concerts again and radio invitation

My life is a little bit crazy recently and I hardly have to time sit down in front of the keyboard but I'd like to very kindly invite you
1. to listen tomorrow (Monday) evening, the usual time (8 pm CET), the usual place ( for the very unusal, special indeed, birthday radio playlist with Katarzyna Dziubinska back as co-host and mixture of fun tunes, jazz and otherwise.

2. concerts, concerts, concerts!
First of all there's Matthew Shipp & Matuesz Walerian duo touring in Poland this week, among the gigs, Alchemia, this Wednesday.

Maszyna Alladyna, Krakow-based (or Nowa Huta-based) improv group is playing in a week, Sunday at Piec'ART.
Come and enjoy

(Edit: also, if you enjoy more indie-electro-altern-rock-pop things check the Digit All Love concert, Thursday, Alchemia. Samples on the myspace, 3-piece string section, electronics, and aetheric voice, sound really intriguing)

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