Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Piotr Orzechowski / Inner Spaces with David Dorouzka at Manghha (26.04)

Next to the last concert in this year's edition of jazz festival Starzy i Młodzi. I have written recently often about Piotr Orzechowski (couple of pieces from his solo cd can be heard in our last radio playlist) yet it was first time I could hear his solo recital live. Orzechowski is pure talent, as confirmed by al the prizes he got already, he has keen ear and it's clear he's searching for his own kind of expression, drawing on the vast inspirations from film music, jazz, classical. 

He's recital is composed of sketches that share in common especially attention to harmonic order, to multi-level structure, whether they syncopate, or take you back into some black and white retro movie, or inspire with elegant decorum of of let's say Bach cantatas. Orzechowski keeps surprising not only as a pianist but also as composer and he's on right path to make powerfull impact on jazz scene.

I played solo pieces in the radio, instead of another solo, a quartet piece below:

A young Cech- Polish quintet played kind of jazz that is really not my thing but still the concert had its share of moments that had to be enjoyed. Nice selection of melodic tunes, rich harmonies, all that kind of has to be a part of jazz repertoire, maybe too much on the soft and mainstream side for my tastes. I have to admit also I didn't like David Dorouzka - apart from one great guitar - sax duo near the end, it seemed to me like he didn't bring much into the mix.  But the title piece for the next album (I don't remember how it goes though) with suspended sharp notes, slightly orchestral, dense theme is worth the time spent in the audience. There are also some great, dense busy trio sections and I'd like to compliment polish rhythm seciont, especially Max Mucha on the bass for strong walkings and creative spark in arco solo. For encore they play Stepanka's ballad "A Finer Form of Love" and the woman's touch is evident. Quite lovely indeed.

Piotr Orzechowski - piano solo

Inner Spaces
Stěpánka BALCAROVÁ - trumpet
Luboš SOUKUP - tenor sax, soprano sax
David DORŮŽKA - guitar
Vít KŘIŠŤAN - piano
Max MUCHA - double bass
Grzegorz MASŁOWSKI - drums

Manghha. Kraków. 26.04.2012. Starzy i Młodzi Festiwal

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