Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly concerts list. Lot of them (20.05-27.05)

There's a lot of concerts this week in Krakow so don't sit around,come, listen and enjoy.

Sunday 20.05
I already wrote last week about tonight's concert in Piec'ART by Krakow(Now Huta)-based improv group Maszyna Alladyna with its cycle of concerts Odstające Ucho (Protruding Ear). Starts at 8pm. free entrance. Good way to finish the weekend (especially if you're not an NBA fan planning to watch Indiana - Miami game 4)

Monday 21.05
Bezdroża (Crossroads) cycle in Alchemia with some experimental/improv projects.
Trio with Michal Dymny/Paulina Owczarek and Tomek Glus (it's too simplyfing to say they play guitar / bari sax / drums & drum machines as all of them are experimenting a lot with musical language extending the sonic palette of their respective instuments in various ways).
Duet Agnes Szelag with Tomek Chołoniewski follows (cello, voice, electronics, drums, percussion) and Krakow Active Ensemble (led by Agnes) ends the evening with some musical visualisations of child's plays theory (whateve should that mean, I'm curious).
Starts 8pm. Entrance 10/15 zl.
Event's page on facebook

Tuesday 22.05
As part of Nowa Huta festival an Improv Orchestra which includes most of the Krakow-based improv artists will play a set of directed and spontaneous improvisations. Should be a blast.
Teatra Laznia Nowa (Os. Szkolne 25), starts 8 pm. Free Entrance.
Event's page on facabook

Wednesday 23.05
As part of the celebration of 10 years of activity of Kawiarnia Naukowa (a place of support for all kinds of hardcore/indie/alternative/punk/underground/noise etc. events in Kraków) an improv concert with Aloes band (free improv/dub/noise/ambient sort of thing) also Konrad Gęca with solo dubcore project : noise india, and Ziemia Ludzi.
Free entrance.
event's page on facebook

Thursday 24.05
The last before the summer break concert of Muzykoterapia series. Three sound artitst Martyna Poznana, Kacper Ziemianin and Bartosz Ignacy Wrona. Klub Dobre Bity (Jozefa 6), starts 8pm, entrance 10 zl.
Event's facebook page

Kacper Ziemianin with Anna Kaluza and Rafal Mazur:

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