Monday, May 21, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio

I was supposed to put it here yesterday but didn't make it in time. The Bezdroza concert was great (especially the duo with Agnes Szelag and Tomek Chołoniewski - fantastic playing). Hope you made it today to see the Krakow Improvisers Orchestra.
For all of you, but especially for those who can't follow the concerts this week in Krakow (see the previous post) another program from the Jazz Alchemist radio archives. Originally aired on 26.05.2009 it is dedicated to my mother (as 26.05 is Mother's Day in Poland), to Miles Davis (as 26.05 is Miles' birthday), Oles Brothers (as they were about to play a duo concert in Krakow I decided to present a selection of their previous projects to begin with their first band Custom Trio). Plus birthday appearance courtesy of Dee Dee Bridgewater (27.05), Marshall Allen (25.05) and rock punch to end the playlist from Enon that had played a week before the program was made. Hope you'll like it.

1. Custom Trio - Mr M.B.
2. Miles Davis Quintet - Well You Needn't
3. Oles / Werner / Oles - Shape & Shade
4. Marshall Allen / Kidd Jordan / William Parker / Alan Silva / Hamid Drake - V
5. Miles Davis - Petits Machines
6. Miles Davis - Sivad
7. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Dansez Sur Moi
8. Oles / Przybielski / Oles - Afroblue
9. Miles Davis - What I Say
10. Oles / Trzaska / Oles - IX
11. Bartłomiej Brat Oleś / Ken Vandermark - Drumsax County
12. Enon - Plesure and Privilege

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