Monday, May 14, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio birthday!!!

Jackie McLean
So here we are, the Jazz Alchemist radio program is 5 years old. Which is just one among the birthdays of the week - we got Sidney Bechet and Woody Herman, Dewey Redman and Jackie McLean, Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford. Plus I added some fun good-mood tunes I hope you'll enjoy.

1. Woody Herman - Caldonia (Woody's birthday on 16.05)
2. King Crimson - Cat Food (Robert Fripp's birthday on 16.05, Bill Bruford's birthday on 17.05)
3. Jackie McLean - Demon's Dance (Jackie's birthday on 17.05)
4. Keith Jarrett Quartet - Common Mama
5. Sidney Bechet - Muskrat Ramble (Sidney's birthday on 14.05)
6. Monthy Python's SPAMALOT - Tuning
7. Monthy Python's SPAMALOT - Monk's chant / He is not dead yet
8. Monthy Python's SPAMALOT - He is not dead yet (playoffs)
9. Miąższ - Awangardowa Suszarka
10. King Crimson - Pictures of a City (live from Summit Studios, Denver 12.03.1972)
11. Woody Herman - Opus De Funk
12. Complainer & The Complainers - Substytuty
Woody Herman
13. Complainer & The Complainers - Metka
14. King Crimson - Discipline (live from Philadelphia, 30.07.1982)
15. Jackie McLean - Floogeh
16. Ray Anderson Big Band - Don't Mow Your Lawn
17. Jack Walrath and Master of Suspense - Love Enough for Everybody
18. Monthy Python's SPAMALOT - Always Look on the Bright Side of the Life

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