Sunday, May 27, 2012

Concerts Concerts for the week 28.05 - 03.05

Quite frankly the sunny Krakow is recently too beautiful to stay indoors for anything more than necessary which is the reason for no new reviews in a while and probably it will stay so until some bad weather weekend (hoping to get to firt listen with a whole pile of cds). In the meantime there are still a lot of concerts going on and here's a bunch of suggestions for the next week in Krakow

Monday 28.05
Jacaszek at Alchemia. A well known figure of polish electronic scene. Dark and mysterious and hauntingly beatiful music.
(this one also means another archive radio program for tomorrow).

Thursday 31.05
High Definition Quartet (quite a lot about them on the blog recently) - a very promising young polish jazz quartet, definitely a band you need to know.
Harris Piano Jazz Bar.

And a dilemma for Sunday 03.05
Another concert in the series of "Protruding Ear" by Maszyna Alladyna - Krakow based improv group. PiecArt. Something for the experimental-minded ears. Starts around 8pm.

Alternatively Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet at Harris Piano Jaz Bar with modern take on classic jazz sound. Starts around 9pm. Make your choice.

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