Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio with New York Crasnals from 23.06.2008

From the vast vaults of Jazz Alchemist radio a special program that has little to do with jazz music at all. Aired originally 23.06.2008 with special guests in the studio - Michal and Jacek from New York Crasnals, a Cracow band that was about to make a noticeable impact on polish indie scene (the band is less active now as Michal plays a lot with a new project he leads - Bad Light District). So here you have - Indie Rock / Jazz Alchemist radio with New York Crasnals. Enjoy! :)

1. New York Crasnals - Hello Cold Child
2. Do Make Say Think - Auberge Le Mouton Noir
3. Kristen - Extra Trash Logic
4. The Bad Plus - Slim
5. Battles -
6. Mice Parade - Focus on the Rollercoaster
7. Ulan Bator - Pensees Massacre
8. The Album Leaf - The Outer Banks
9. The Eternals - Silbet
10. E.S.T. - Unstable Table and Unfable Fable
11. Holy Fuck - Casio Bossa Nova
12. Hasidic New Wave - A.K.S.
13. Hasidic New Wave - V'Smakhta

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