Sunday, May 6, 2012

Concerts Concerts!!!

I invite you tomorrow at 8pm CET to listen to We'll celebrate birthdays of Keith Jarrett, Carla Bley, Gary Peacock and Ahmed Abdullah with their music. In the meantime there are many things happening in Krakow and here are some recommendations for you for the next week.

8 may

muzykoterapia : GłuChoRut / Głuc & Chołoniewski & Rutkowski
Three Krakow based drummers in one place. I am curious. If you're too, come to Klub Dobre Bity at 20:00 (Jozefa 6 street)

10 may

MJUD : Marek Pospieszalski and Joanna Duda with synths. Could be interesting duo. 21:30 at Harris Piano Jazz Bar (Rynek Głowny 28)

11 may

Vladimirska plays a mix of indie pop-folk-circus tunes. Should be a fun friday  evening at Kolanko no. 6 (Jozefa 17), come, dance and enjoy. Also Ashia and the Bison Rouge from USA (have never heard but the name sounds cool, doesn't it?).
event's facebook page

13 may

Experimental group from Warsaw with Paweł Szamburski and Piotr Zakrocki and Hubert Zemler will play music to avant-guarde movies from the 30's as a part of MuLaKuŻ cycle (music laboratory of jewish culture) at Cheder Cafe.

event's facebook page

Hope to see you this week

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