Monday, May 7, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio with Carla, Keith, Gary and Ahmed

Today we celebrate birthdays of some key figures in jazz history. Nothing else to say about it, hope you'll enjoy the music.

1. Carla Bley Big Band - Sing Me Softly of the Blues (Carla's birthday on 11.08)
2. Keith Jarrett Quartet - The Rich (and the Poor) (Keith's birthday on 08.05)
3. Keith Jarrett Trio - Dancing (Gary Peacock's birthday on 12.05)
4. Ahmed Abdullah Quartet - Mayibeu (Ahmed's birthday on 10.05)
5. Ahmed Abdullah Solomonic Quintet - Gypsy Lady
6. Carla Bley Big Band - Who Will Rescue You?
7. Keith Jarrett Quartet - De Drums
8. Ahmed Abdullah Quartet - Ebony Queen
9. Ahmed Abdullah Solomonic Quintet - Canto II
10. Keith Jarrett Trio - God Bless The Child
11. Piotr Orzechowski - Coral (composition by K. Jarrett)

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  1. thanks for posting! Keith Jarrett has been one of the most original musical minds for 50 years now... it's pretty incredible. I have mad respect for his approach to the piano.


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