Monday, July 6, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 06-12/07 / Warsaw Summer Jazz Days

25th Krakow Jewish Culture Festival is barely over, yet there's no time to rest (alhtough there will be time to reminiscence - I'll write about my four favourite performances of the festival in the next few days).
The Heat is on, Summer is here, which means plenty of festivals of all sorts. Krakow's Summer Jazz Festival continues with some strong moments this week, Rozstaje / Crossroads has joined Euroradio Folk Festival for a week-long run. Plus Warsaw Summer JAzz Days this year looks mightily fine (I'll cover this festival in a separate post tomorrow). Buckle up, summer is no time to be lazy.

05-12.07 Rozstaje / Crossroads Festival (and Euroradio Folk Festival)
Two mighty folk festivals has joined forces in Krakow this year. 200 musicians, 50 concerts, 4 coninents represented. Any world music afficionado will be satisfied.

Check the program closely at festival's webpage Rozstaje / Crossroads 2015
Any examples? Manou Gallo Groove Orchestra from Ivory Coast sound like a perfect plan for Saturday evening.

09.07. Nat Osborn & Mike Parker at Tak Było
Nat Osborn and Mike Parker have been playing together for a while now. Only recently they started to playing in a duo though, with Nat switching from piano to a guitar. You might expect soulful original songs and some surprising covers.

12.07 Robert Glasper Trio at Kijow Centrum (Summer Jazz Festival)
Robert Glasper has become part of the recent Blue Note revival, a young jazz artist pushing the boundaries. His "Black Radio" albums are amazing tributes to the history of black music, great examples of music that remain accessible while mantaining its artistic integrity and ambition. His trio is equally proof that mainstream jazz music can remain a valid language of expression in modern world.

This is one of the "poster" concerts of the festival, you can check their entire schedule, some noble representants of polish jazz scene appear this week - Wlodzimierz Nahorny, Andrzej Jagodzinski, Ewa Bem, Adam Baldych and more.

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