Monday, July 13, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 13-19.07

Just got back from Warsaw Summer Jazz Days which was rather disappointing and makes the memories of Krakow Jewish Culture festival even more precious. I'll get back to both festivals in the next few posts. The main musical events for the following days are related to Summer Jazz Festival with the daily concerts at Piwnica Pod Baranami and Harris Piano Jazz Bar.

Last but not least, Saturday Night is officially the Night of Jazz in Krakow, with plenty of venues participating in the event (also part of the Summer Jazz Festival).

15.07 Joachim Mencel Artisena at Harris Piano Jazz Bar (Summer Jazz Festival)
When Joachim Mencel played with this new project at Starzy i Mlodzi Festival I felt immensely happy - he's back. Artisena features Mencel on piano and hurdy-gurdy playing inspired music with the kind of spiritual energy that I've been waiting for from the pianist for ages.

17.07 Poet AF Black at Piekny Pies
For something completely different. Poetry, hip-hop, electronica. Poet AF Black's music seems to be full of surprises.

18.07 Jazz Night in Krakow
a night full of music with Big Band Malopolski & Kuba Badach concert at Maly Rynek open-air stage (should be a lof of fun and swing) and almost 20 club sessions. The most promising seem to be:
Wlodek Gogolewski Trio at Piec'ART (evening dedicated to jazz in polish cinema history) and
Jacek Kochan MusiConspiracy at Alchemia, a strange line-up with guitar (Fabrizo Brusca from Italy) along the accordio and the bass & drums rhythm section.

19.07 Jorgos Skolias & Oleś brothers at Harris Piano Jazz Bar (Summer Jazz Festival)
Project Sefardix is dedicated to the music of the sephardic jews culture, exotic and spiritual, mysterious. Jorgos Skolias fascination with ancient vocal techniques, combined with his sense of humour and Oles brothers virtuosity and musical sensibilty is a great match.

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