Monday, January 10, 2011

Jazz Alchemist awaits for You at 8pm CET with Max and others

I'd like to remind everyone that at 8pm (CET) at we can listen together to some good music. Today we'll continue re-listening to some of the best 2010 releases. Plans for today's meal include amongst others: Mary Halvorson's Quintet "Saturn Sings", Myra Melfold Be Bread "The Tree Is Gone", Jeb Bishop's Trio "2009", recently reviewed Oirtrio's "Kanata" and Vijay Anderson's "Hardboiled Wonderland" and more. We'll also celebrate birthday of Max Roach and Ivo Perellman (and one has to at least mention William Parker's birthday today).

Max Roach
1. Jason Adasiewicz Trio - Get in there
2. Myra Melford Be Bread Sextet - I see a horizon
3. William Parker Raining on the moon - Watermelon Song (William Parker's birthday today! :)
4. Jeb Bishop Trio - 900
5. Max Roach & Abdullah Ibrahim - Inception (Mas Roach's birthday today ! :)
6. Max Roach & Anthony Braxton - Birth
7. Ivo Perellman & Brian Willson - Murmirios (this duo cd "Stream of Life" will probably get its review soon; Ivo's birthday on 12th Jan)
8. Mary Halvorson Quintet - Moon Traps in Seven Rings (No. 17)
9. Oirtrio - Najire (reviewed here)
10. Vijay Anderson - Dilation (reviewed here)
11. Max Roach & Abdullah Ibrahim - Consanguinity
12 Ivo Perellman & Brian Willson - Vicarious Punishment
13. Mary Halvorson Quintet - Saturn Sings (No. 18)
14. Myra Melford Be Bread - Night

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