Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jazz Alchemist votes for El Intruso 2010 Poll - part I

this is the first part presenting my voting for El Intruso 2010 Poll

musician of the year
1. Waclaw Zimpel
2. Barry Guy

-With such inspiring releases like "Hera" and "Passion" and participation in "Lark Uprising" by Ircha Quintet, Waclaw Zimpel gave You (me) some of the most creative music of 2010. 
-Barry Guy's stunning playing is displayed on "Morning Glory" with Augusti Fernandez and Ramon Lopez as well as on "Scenes from the House of Music" with Evan Parker, Paul Lytton and Peter Evans. But still he's presence on this spot is due to the wonderful music played over the course of 5 days in Krakow with musicians from Barry Guy New Orchestra. That project was a direct impulse to create this blog in first place and You can find all about it in the very first posts written.
-I left the 3rd spot empty because there were so many musicians that would deserve the spot I couldn't really pick one.

band of the year
1. Adam Lane Full Throttle Orchestra
2. Angles
3. Atomic

-None comment needed here really, those bands play jazz of highest quality, adventourous and fun, with great arrangements and fantastic compositions, and a great ensemble sound. Reminding You about the greatest working bands in jazz history, a phenomenon that is quite rare these busy days. Full Throttle Orchestra "Ashcan Rantings" and Angles "Epileptical West. Live in Coimbra" were released by Clean Feed. Atomic presented two volumes of "Theater Tilters" released by Jazzland.

newcomer musician
1. Maciej Obara
2. Liudas Mockunas

-Two saxophone players that with some great releases this year are coming to wider recognition and promising a whole lotta more coming from them in the future. Maciej Obara released "Four" and "Three" on Ars Cameralis. Liudas Mockunas released "Kablys. Live at 11:20" and "Vacation Music" on NoBusiness. I saw them both on stage and I can say to You that those guys are only starting to impress You.

newcomer band
1. Hera
2. Phall Fatale
3. Aeroplane Trio

-"Hera" by Hera (Waclaw Zimpel, Pawel Postaremczak, Ksawery Wojcinski, Pawel Szpura) comes as one of the brightest points of 2010.
-Phall Fatale is a band led by Fredy Studer, combining free improvisation with drum'n'bass groove and a rap song form. The concert I saw this year was both fun and impressive (that's the one where I got myself a copy of "Volume" by John Edwards) and I can't wait to get their first release, coming in 2011.
-Aeroplane Trio, though active for a couple of years, just released their first official cd on Drip Audio and it's very promising. Fun and creative, I should write something about it soon.

Album of the year
1. Undivided "Passion" (Multikulti)
2. Adam Lane Full Throttle Orchestra "Ashcan Rantings" (Clean Feed)
3. Harris Eisenstadt "Woodblock Prints" (NoBusiness)

-The hardest one for me to fill up. While "Hera" gets more enthusiastic reviews, I simply had a chance to spend much more time with "Passion" and it's emotional power and musical vision just gets to me.
-Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra is musical statement that brings back to life the spirit of Mingus who is one of my all-time favourites (and combines it wih rock energy). Fantastic playing, energetic and passionate while still accessible. And it's a double cd so it doubles the fun :).
-"Woodblock Prints" is a creation of staggering beauty. And the closer You listen to it the more beautifull it gets.
-Right next to those (and depending on the mood going up to the top 3) would be:
"Magic" by Joe McPhee / Mikolaj Trzaska / Dominic Duval / Jay Rosen (Not Two)
"Searching For Adam" by Rodrigo Amado / Taylor Ho Bynum / John Hebert / Gerald Cleaver (Not Two)
"Milwauke Volume" by Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love (Smalltown)
"Epileptical West - Live in Coimbra" (Clean Feed)
"Kanata" by Oirtrio  (Not Two)
 And a fantastic release
"The Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer" (Kabell) by Wadada Leo Smith & Ed Blackwell
was cut from the list because it is somehow an archival recording - and a real gem indeed to be found after so many years. Not maybe a valid reason but I (and I admit it) wanted to make just a little bit easier on myself.

the 2nd part coming later today :)
what would be Your votes? the the comments section is waiting.

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