Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jazz Alchemist votes for El Intruso 2010 Poll - part III

3rd portion of my votes for El Intruso 2010 Poll

1. Steve Swell
2. Samuel Blaser
3. Jeb Bishop

-Steve Swell leads the pack with his Slammin’ The Infinite release “5000 Poems”, or his apperances on Sabir Mateen/Frode Gjerstad “Sound Gathering (both Not Two) and Lou Grassi’s Po Band “Live at Knitting Factory vol.1” [Porter Records] (release will be posted tomorrow).
-Samuel Blaser is probably the best polyphonic trombone player since Albert Mangelsdorff. The precision he displays when utilizing this technique is impressive as was to be heard on  concert with Pierre Favre (Krakow Jazz Autumn Festival) and on the duo’s cd – “Vol a Voile” [Intakt].
-Jeb Bishop playing is simply great and his compositions are kicking on his trio outing (“2009” [Better Animal Recordings])  as well as on the 2nd cd by The Engines (“Wire and Brass” [Okkadisk]) or Hamid Drake’s Bindu “Reaggelogy” [RogueArt].

Violin / Viola
1. Szilar Mezei
2. Maya Homburger

3. Rosie Hertlein

-Szilard Mezei viola playing is inspiring throughout his quartet’s “February Fadontes” lp [NoBusiness] as well as on “Bot” [Not Two] – a symphonic, large-scale project.
-Maya Homburger virtuosic solo performances of Barry Guy’s compositions were incredibly satisfying if ‘and now for something completely different’ moments of the Barry Guy New Orchestra week in Krakow.
-Rosie Hertlein appears on Ivo Perelman’s “Near the Wild Heart” record and her “strings duo” with Dominic Duval is a pure, chamber pleasure for Your ears.

1. Daniel Levin
2. Fred Lonberg-Holm

Daniel Levin owns this spot for his duo with Rob Brown – “Natural Disorder” on Not Two.
Fred Londbergo-Holm contributes strongly to the sound of Vandermark V Special Edition (“The Horse Jumps and The Ship is Gone”  [Not Two]) and Vox Arcana led by Tim Daisy (“Aerial Age” [Allos Documents]).

1. Mary Halvorson
2. Raphel Roginski

1-Mary Halvorson caught jazz-lovers' attention with her trio’s outing “Dragon’s Head” and with her last year quintet release she keeps it as she makes the “Saturn sings” [Firehouse 12] combining her incredible guitar sound with great compositions and strong leadership.
2-Raphael Roginski is polish guitarist who possesses an extraordinary sound. Example of his playing can be heard on debut Cukunft cd [Lado ABC] but should be experienced live to really appreciate it.

I leave the third spot empty but I’d like to mention two great pairing of guitars :
-Ava Mendoza and John Finkbeiner contribute to the unusual sound of “Hardboiled Wonderland" [Not Two] by Vijay Anderson.
-Geoff Farina and Dan Littleton combine team up together in the unusual line-up of “West” [Clean Feed] by Lawnmower (with Luther Gray and Jim Hobbs).

final part will be posted later today

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