Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jazz Alchemist radio with Stan, Glass and others

Stan Getz

While I won't be able to be in the studio to provide the usual live commentary, the playlist is ready and will be played on at 8pm CET (as most mondays) with birthdays of Stan Getz, Louis Sclavis, Philip Glass and with some music from recently reviewed cds by.

I'm also proud to announce the very first interview - with Jeremiah Cymerman, that will be posted soon on the blog. :)

detailed tracklist will be posted tomorrow. I'm waiting for You on the facebook chat, during the program.

1. Stan Getz - You go to my head
2. Aldo Romano, Louis Sclavis, Henri Texier - Soweto Sorrow
3. Philip Glass - Melodies For Saxophone - Melody 11 (tenor)
4. Philip Glass - Concerto For Saxophone - Quartet - Movement I
5. Trifonidis Free Orchestra - Chromatic Sixteen
6. Oluyemi Thomas, Sirone, Michael Wimberly - Mystic Way
7. Stan Getz  S'Wonderful
8. Louis Sclavis - Louis
9. Jeremiah Cymerman - Act VI
10. Trifonidis Free Orchestra - Free Warsaw
11. Philip Glass - Serra Pelada
12. Stan Getz - Parker 51
13. Oluyemi Thomas, Sirone, Michael Wimberly - Heavenly Wisdom
14. Trifonidis Free ORchestra - Playground
15. Stan Getz - The Song is You
16. Aldo Romano, Louis Sclavis, Henri Texier - Bob De Klipton
17. Aeroplane Trio - Lucky Loonie
18. Philip Glass - Mishima/Closing

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