Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jazzowy Alchemik votes for El Intruso 2010 Poll (introduction)

I wrote before about invitation to participate in El Intruso 2010 Poll which I am very proud of. The Poll includes quite a lot of categories (over 20!) and allows 3 votes per category - which is sometimes heartbreaking really and many of those could be ordered differently or contain different names altogether and still present a pretty good image of what I have heard and liked the most (crucial point - it's about my listening experience, not about what was globally available) in 2010. I tried also to not repeat too many names so I could put as much as possible into this list. This is complementary to "My Favourites 2010" list already posted and, remembering the doubts about lists in general expressed in this old post, I want to remind You that those are just for fun and don't really mean that much otherwise. Which isn't to say thay don't matter at all because ain't fun what music is about after all?

The list is ready but with so many categories and my added comments it is simply too long so it will be divided into few parts appearing over next couple of days.

the categories listed by El Intruso as they will be divided into posts on the blog are:

Part I                                                                    Part II
-Musician of the year                                            -Composer
-Band of the year                                                  -Piano
-Newcomer musician                                            -Saxophone
-Newcomer band                                                 -Clarinet
-Album of the year                                                -Trumpet

Part III                                                             Part IV
-Trombone                                                           -Bass
-Violin / Viola                                                       -Drums     
-Cello                                                                   -Other instruments
-Guitar                                                                 -Female vocal
                                                                            -Male Vocal
                                                                            -Concert Band
                                                                            -Record Label

the first part will be posted tomorrow morning (CET) the 2nd one in the evening the whole list should be available in the next 48 hours. Any comments, discusssions, debates and polemic comments are welcomed and awaited :) .

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