Friday, September 23, 2011

Undivided with Perry Robinson - Moves Between Clouds (Live in Warsaw) [Multikulti]

Bobby Few - piano
Mark Tokar - double bass
Perry Robinson - clarinet
Klaus Kugel - drums
Waclaw Zimpel - bass clarinet, clarinet, tarogato

Multikulti 2011

After the appraised debut "Passion" Waclaw Zimpel's Undivided band comes back with a new material and I feel honored and gratefull I had a chance to see the band perform it on stage during this year Tzadik festival - an event which was also this cd's release date. I feel what I wrote then about concert still applies to the music on the cd so let me just be brief while I invite you to get back to that old post.

Through the three solemn compositions whose titles are inspired by Laura Winter's poems ("Hoping the morning say", "Moves between clouds", "What a big noise") Zimpel explores the whole scale of emotions. There's sorrowness and bitterness, turmoil, fragility yet instead of feeling of anger or despair it all comes down to reflection that brings solace. And in appeasement you'll find wisdom and sense of harmony which stand for those rare moments of beauty that is unspoken for, that brings you tears of joy (like those delicate piano chordings in the title track and spiritual, peacefull unisono melodies played on clarinets).

This is cerebral, spiritual, emotional, meditative and yet powerfull and passionate, music that stuns the mind and moves heart and soul. While this probably won't catch you off-guard the way their debut did, it continues its level of excellency and shouldn't be missed.

A track from the cd is presented in this playlist here

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