Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jazz Alchemist radio with what was supposed to be played last week :)

Trevor Watts and Veryan Weston at Alchemia.
photo by Krzysztof Penarski
It's been a bit rough week for me (missed two great concerts - Ab Baars Trio with Fay Victor and Vincent Chancey and Veryan Weston / Trevor Watts duo = never been so mad while being sick) but I'm getting back on my legs and back on the track with some new posts for the blog. 

Tomorrow, usually, we would celebrate the birthday of Jimi Hendrix (27.11), but since we inversed the time and did that last monday (check the post, listen to and enjoy the playlist) we'll go (meaning: I will and I hope you will like it) with what was supposed to be presented last week which is basically running through the cds reviewed during the summer. No particular topic for this evening but lyrical and neoclassical/chamber spaces will be strongly present.

Tune in to at 8 pm CET, join me on facebook chat. The plalist will be posted below, as the mixclould player once the program is done and uploaded. Hope you'll like it.

1. Fattigfolket - Lohrpark (from "Park")
2. Achim Kaufmann - Elephant and Boats (from "Verivyr")
3. Henrik Munkeby Norstebo - Solo 10 (from "Solo")
4. Lisa Mezzacappa & Nightshade - Delphinus (from "Cosmic Rift")
5. Ig Henneman Setet - Moot (from "Cut a Caper")
6. Mikolaj Trzaska - Sitting on a Warm Stone (from the Reed Trio - "Last Train to the First Station") - Mikolaj plays solo this Wednesday in Alchemia.
7. Szilard Mezei - Outlaw Drinks from Tap (from "Tisza")
8. Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston - falTWOrm (from "5 More Dialogues")
9. Achim Kaufmann - Berlin No Lights (as above)
10.  Ig Henneman Sextet - Brain and Body (as above)
11. Lisa Mezzacappa & Nightshade - Alvamel's Dream (as above)
12. Fattigfolket - Innocentia Park (as above)
13. Undivided - Moves Between Clouds (from "Moves Between Clouds")

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