Sunday, March 17, 2013

Concerts Schedule 18.03 - 24.03

Here's a handfull of suggestions for this week evenings.

We begin with something for high quality post-bop fans:
Leszezk Żądło European Ensemble will play two dates, first on 19.03 at Harris Piano Jazz Bar, the second one 24.03 at PIEC'Art

20.03 Possibly the most interesting concert of the week.
Rafal Mazur will guest Marco Eneidi at Literki
The concert is part of the Improwizje series.
I had a very interesting talk with Rafal last weekend and will try to post parts of the conversation soon on the blog.

on 20.03 and 21.03 Kuba Pluzek on piano will entertain audience at PIEC'Art. I've seen him play Stevie Wonder songs, jazz standards, modern jazz as well as completely free jam sessions. He will play with a trio featuring Max Mucha and Dawid Fortuna.

21.03 as well the High Definition quartet will play at Harris Piano Jazz Bar.
I've written about the ensemble led by Piotr Orzechowski on few occasions already so let me just repeat it is a very high quality modern jazz, video below should be a prove enough.

21.03 again, the first day of the spring, Chlopcy Kontra Basia, one of my favourite polish bands will play again in Krakow, this time supporting the concert by indie-pop singer Julia Marcell at Forty Kleparz

22.03 N.S.I. Quartet at PIEC'Art.
The modern jazz quartet is : Bartlomiej Prucnal (saxophones), Cybrian Baszynski (trumpet), Michael Parker (bass) and Dawid Fortuna (drums) swept the Jazz Juniors competition in the december of the 2012.

23.03 Mike Parker Unified Theory at PIEC'Art.
Mike Parker is a New York born, living in Krakow bass player. His compositions for the Unified Theory band try to bring together such distand genres like avant jazz, rap, hip hop or rock. The group features some of the most prominent young talents of Krakow scene:
S.Pezda-ts, C.Baszyński-tr, M.Gawęda-p, M.Parker-db, P.Dobosz-dr

on 23.03 as well on of the most jazz-rock-latin-indie-cinematic orchestras in the history, the fabulous Mitch & Mitch will entertain you at Dom Kultury Kolejarza

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