Friday, March 15, 2013

Veryan Weston, Ingrid Laubrock, Hannah Marshall - Haste [Emanem]

Veryan Weston - piano
Ingrid Laubrock - soprano and tenor saxophones
Hannah Marshall - cello

Emanem 2012

Veryan Weston is one of the mainsays of british improvised scene, one of my biggest regrets of last year is that due to the sickness I've missed his concert in Alchemia playing with Trevor Watts, which is one of the most inspiring duets one could hope for. I've praised their cd "5 More Dialogues" as well as his improbable choir project "Different Tesselations" - Veryan Weston coerces wide artistic vision, openeness to dialogue with incredibly focus of in-the-monet creation. This trio is another example of that - a proof of consistency in quality of improvisation.

Veryan meets with Ingrid Laubrock and Hannah Marshall for musical journey. The cd consists of two extended improvisation ("Sleeping Down Hill" and "Leaning Up" that total together 50 minutes) and one shorter outro "Courtesy of None".

A journey with Veryan, Ingrid and Hannah is not a mere sighthseeing, it is rather a constant work of space and time construction od deconstruction, reinvintengi the reality. The musicians build up pyramids of sound, from the very first fragile note to cascades of sound falling through the air. Those cycles of creation are present through both pieces.
There's this moment nothingness midway through the second track. The cello drives the outward shapes of the space, the dense, labirynthic piano lines fill it with substance till the momentum reach the sky and it shifts again into new beginning - a vibrato-laden sax notes completing the cello strokes. The music remains consistently abstract yet the interplay, the instant recognition and communication is transparent. The three weave their story carefully, in a way that favors detail and intricacy of the narration rather than power of volume.

A masterfull improvisation "Haste" may be a demanding listen, but it rewards doubly your attention. 

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