Monday, March 18, 2013

Jazz Alchemist Radio 18.03.13 with Julius Hemphill and Bill Frisell

This week's playlist have just release featured which is the 5 cd box

I put a piece or two from each disc of the box but make no mistake - it's merely a modest sampler.

Birthday wishes go to Bill Frisell who is featured with a track dedicated to Hemphill and another tune from the same disc (This Land).

enjoy and stay tuned.

the tracklist is:
Julius Hemphill Trio - G Song (from "Materials and Residuals")
Julius Hemphill Quartet - Ear (from "Flat-Out Jump Suite")
Julius Hemphill Quartet - Body (from "Flat-Out Jump Suite")
Julius Hemphill & Warren Smith - Six (from "Chile New York")
Julius Hemphill & Warren Smith - Seven (from "Chile New York")
Julius Hemphill Sextet - Fat Man (from "The Fat Man and The Hard Blues")
Julius Hemphill Sextet - The Hard Blues (from "The Fat Man and The Hard Blues")
Julius Hemphill Sextet - Band Theme (from "Five Chord Stud")
Julius Hemphill Sextet - Spiritual Chairs (from "Five Chord Stud")
Bill Frisell - Julius Hemphill
Bill Frisell - Is It Sweet?

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