Sunday, March 24, 2013

Concerts Schedule 25.03 - 31.03 and 01.04-07.04

As Easter is near there are few events this week, as there will be no time to give you a heads-up for the next one I decided to pair up the next two weeks and here are my suggestions for the next 14 days:

25.03  Zsolt Soros, Jean-Herve Peron and Theme at Alchemia
THEME is a british-polish unit playing, well, just check the video below. They will be joined by Zsol Sores the electronic sound artist, and Jean-Harve Peron known from the krautrock legent Faust band. Should be enough to start the week.

*EDIT  - fresh update - Rafal Mazur and Artur Majewski at Solvay on 27.03 19:00.

01.04 Piotr Orzechowski solo at PIEC'Art
Piotr will play solo, there's no telling whether the performance will be an example of improvised music in the vein of his EP "Pianohooligan" where he tributes Bach as well Keith Jarrett or maybe he will play some music from his debut longplay cd "Experiment : Penderecki", or else. One way or another (or third way) it should be interesting.

04.04 Miąższ at Alchemia.
Miąższ, with their witty lyrics and cross-genre music that cites on folk, jazz, cabaret, rock, blues, reggae ecc. is one of the few bands that gibe you possibly most fun you can have sober. I wholeheartedly recommend their concert in Alchemia, you might check the post I wrote after the previous one. A precious music video for their lullaby below:

04-06.04. Directions In Music Pawel Kaczmarczyk at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Directions in Music is a series of projects Pawel Kaczmarczyk created to honour jazz heroes, each one featuring a special line-up and honour guest. For the 16th birthday of Harris Piano Jazz Bar three special evenings are lined up:
04.04 Directions In Music for Elvin Jones (with Kazimierz Jonkisz oln drums)
05.04 Directions In Music for Ray Charles (with Jorgos Skolias on vocals)
06.04 Directions In Music for Stan Getz (with Janusz Muniak on saxophone)

06 - 07.04 Orioxy at PIEC'Art
PIEC'Art brings another scandinavian group to Krakow for a two-night stand. An intriguing instrumental setting puts together voice, harp, bass and drums to bring surprising music that is poetic, dark and theatrical. The material available on the web sounds very inviting.

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