Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wojtek Traczyk - Free Solo [Multikulti]

Wojtek Traczyk - double bass

Multikulti 2012

Wojtek Traczyk name might sound familiar to you from The Light trio with Waclaw Zimpel and Robert Rasz, "Free Solo" is his debut solo cd. Solo performance is possibly one of the most difficult and daring musical tasks one can undertake. One remains bare, completely exposed. No instrumental gimmicks and trickery is allowed. Extreme honesty and commitment is the only way.

"Free Solo" is a spiritual journey, its chapters entitled after the parts of christian mass. The cd is only 30 minutes long but the intesity of the music defies it. It does so with the gripping and tense arco of Examen Conscientiae, the gentle notes of Agnus Dei, intertwined with sharp atonal chords.

The music is dense and full of tension. Fully committed performance is an opposite of a virtuosity display. Traczyk's statement is that of raw energy and spiritual purity, it is a music of sacrum sphere and katharsis effect. It is in fact an act of faith, the musician himself writes in the liner notes:

Performing solo pulls me out of everyday life and puts me out there in that high place of danger and awareness that I long for, risking everything, giving everything, not knowing yet believing, and brings purification and freedom that is so hard to find.

"Free Solo" grabs your attention, it demands it and rewards it .

take a listen as well to this video, a very different, much lighter in texture but equally beatifull performance with a pop surprise at the end.

Wojtek Traczyk solo @ Nowy Wspanialy Swiat from achoj on Vimeo.

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