Thursday, March 14, 2013

SVELIA at Alchemia (12.03)

Svelia is an australian-swedish unit. One might risk an artistic hypothesis : the creativity sparks on fringes and Svelia's music happens on fringes of a veriety of styles - radical improvisation is countered by tricky and disciplined compositions, bursting energy by heartbreaking lyricism, hard-edged harmonies by melodies that will haunt your mind in sleep (a perfect example, the fittingly entitled lyrical "Beautiful Insomnia").

Avantguarde movement have many brilliant improvisers, few great composers but I'd say you'd be hard put to enlist any songwriters and that where Svelia comes in - it frames the liberating madness of free expression within the form of song.

The band will enter the studio in a couple of weeks and the album should appear later this year - frankly I can't wait and I'll try to write more about the it on the occasion. In the meantime, keep your ears wide open.

Casey Moir - voice
Reuben Lewis - trumpet, flugelhorn
Juke Sweeting - piano
Johan Moir - double bass
Aidan Lowe - drums

Alchemia. Krakow Autumn Jazz Reberb. 12.03.13

the song Nowhere, No How began the evening, here it is performed with another band.

Crashing was one of the definite highlights with the berserk solos creating a paraller reality to the delicate main melody amd rhythmic vamp.

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