Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Joshua Abrams Natural Information Society at Klub Re (04.03)

Joshua Abrams is a possibly most known for his double bass skills but Natural Information Society is a project that is largely focused on the sound of guimbri - a sort of 3-stringed ethnic guitar instrument, most known from recordings of Mali folk music.

For a short polish tour, Joshua with Lisa Alvarado invited Artur Majewski and Kuba Suchar (known otherwise as Mikrokolektyw) to join in this musical journey

The music, driven by the melodic guimbri riff and infectious, incessant tribal drum pulse, danced joyfully with the delicate trumpet and hypnotic filling the space in the groove.
Whenever Kuba Suchar turned to his electronic kit, the band would took us upon a mystic journey, hypnotic and trascendental. A kind of music that frees the soul to orbit in space, regardless of time and space.

Natural Information Society's music felt organic and complete, peacefull and joyfull. A music of ancient wisdom one might say. Here's mine interpration of the band's name: music, traditionally passed through generations was a natural foundation of a society, its link to the past, present and future, its connection to the communal memory.
I hope you'll be able to catch the group for more beatifull music.

ps. You can see above a brilliant art cover for the album "Represencing" issued (LP exclusive) on Eremite Records. Alas, having no possibility to actually play an LP record as for now, I had to resist the temptation.

Joshua Abrams - guimbri, double bass
Lisa Alvarado - harmonium, gong
Artur Majewski - trumpet, cornet
Kuba Suchark - drums, electronics

Klub Re. Krakow. 03.04.2013

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