Friday, April 12, 2013

Angles 8 - The Way of Deception (Live in Ljubljana) [Clean Feed]

Angles 8
Mats Aleklint - trombone
Goran Kajfes - trumpet
Eirik Hegdal - baritone and sopranino saxophones
Martin Kuchen - alto saxophone
Mattias Stahl - vibraphone
Alexander Zethson - piano
Johan Berthling - double bass
Kjell Nordeson - drums

Clean Feed 2012

Angles is one undoubtedly one of the most prominent jazz bands of the european scene, their previous two releases ("Every Woman is a Tree" and Epileptical West - Live in Coimbra") claimed great reviews and took top spots in any modern jazz related medium, deservingly so. The full-brass arrangaments, melodic tunes, passionate execution and music that is free in spirit and in message are impossible to resist.

For the bands third review the unit is augmented for even richer and fuller sound. But the rebel spirit remains untouched and you can appreciate the superb solos, magnificent arrangaments from the very first moments of the title track that begins the cd. The Angles music merges the percussive african drive with full blast balkan brass, latin, flamenco kind of passion and more. 
"Today is better than tomorrow" is a precious, lyrical piece where parts of melody are passed through the the whole band, haunting and beatifull piece flows gracefully on the bass-baritone line with a brass choir singing its prairs unto heaven.
There's drama, emotion, dedication, celebration. "Let's speak about the weather (and not about the war)" feels like a east-european folk song, slowly gathering speed till a full-tempo dance, the village kind of dance, expression of raw vitality and joy of life (non the elegant ballroom dance). The cd ends with 30-min long "Don't Ruin me / Let's tear the threads of trust", an epic piece filled with dramatic narration, roaring solos and choir shouts (dynamic and gritty through the first half featuring Mats Aleklint as the main soloist, heartbreaking, lyrical and monumental and  through the latter with the Goran Kajfes as a lead). 

Angles music is born from the romantic, peacefull vision but as well from the acute observation of reality. This is music of grandeur, carefully orchestrated,  but it is filled with emotional substance, may it be anger, sadness or exhilirating joy it goes straight to your soul and body, bypassing the reason circuit.  This is an example of music that arises from the collective need to express and experience together. Between the cries of lament and those of jubilee it sweeps you of your feet. 

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