Thursday, April 11, 2013

Swedish Azz at Alchemia (09.04) Krakow Jazz Autumn Preview

Krakow Jazz Autumn Preview is a series of spring concerts, an offspring so to speak of the main annual event that brings the heroes of improvised jazz music to Krakow. The series got its launching event a few days ago with a concert by Swedish Azz group, quite a particular project, a tribute to undiscovered and occult swedish jazz music of past decades.

With Mats Gustafsson as a spokesman, the group is obviosuly not your typical copycats-tribute band. The original tunes (appearing in its original form in the vinyl as well) mash with the post-modern deconstruction with elements of crazy, noise and free all included in the service. The results are inspiring, surprising and often humorous exemplified well the Christmas tune played to end the concert (two days ago it was still winter outside) and the video excerpt below so enough talking (writing).

To complete the retro-garde aspect of the group's reportoire Swedish Azz can proudly present a series of vinyl-only releases on Not Two records that sport fittingly old-school covers. The Alchemia concert was in fact a release party to their new single printed on a red flexi-disc and double 10 inch release titled "Erik Carlsson and All-Stars" (Volym 1 and 2).

The group's catalogue should be of serious interest to  any record collector interested in jazz, free jazz, swedish jazz or any of the players included.

The following events of the series should be of serious interest to any live music lover and, although I'll remeber the dates in the weekly concert schedule posts, let me turn your attention to several dates in Alchemia straight away.

22.04 Free the Dance - improvised dance and music performance, series directed by Malgorzata Haduch
24.04 Hang Em High - punk-jazz-metal-rock-... unit , heavy hitting music to be expected

07.05 Rara Avis - new project by Stefano Ferrian (you can found some more informations on the blog about his recent activity) with Ken Vandermark along the italian core of the group.

23.05 Sabir Matten with Matthew Shipp. No comment needed

29.05 Maya Homburger, Barry Guy and Lucas Niggli. Classical clarity of tone and passion of improvisation united.

Swedish Azz
Mats Gustafsson - baritone sax, alto sax, live electronics
Per - Ake Holmlander - tuba, cimbasso
Dieb13 - turntables, live electronics
Erik Carlsson - drums, percussion

Alchemia. Krakow. 09.04.2013. Autumn Jazz Preview here's the teaser for the 22.04

and the teaser for the 24.04

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