Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thomas Borgmann BMN Trio - Nasty & Sweet [NoBusiness]

Thomas Borgmann - reeds
Wilber Morris - bass
Reggie Nicholson - drums

No Business 2013

Thomas Borgmann and Wilber Morris musical partnership is of the match made in heaven kind.
BMN Trio was born after the untimely death of late Dennis Charles and it's music might be perceived as a sign of continuity as well as of perserverance, relentlesness of creative passion. 

The "Nasty & Sweet" double LP release presents a concert from Tampere Jazz 1999 festival (the epic title track takes the both sides of the firt disc + "We Went That Way" occupies half of the Side C) and fills remaining space  with a performance from St. Ingbert from a year and half before (the Nasty & Sweet returns to fill the Side D).

From the very first notes of this release you can feel some magic in the air as delicate arco bass notes, spare percussion and spiritual sax whispers to shape and form the space. The chemistry of this unit is unbelievable, the strenghth of their voice overwhelming, the excitement of creation palpable.  

Midway the second part of Nasty & Sweet from Tampere the trio gets into thick  blues groove, with the soulfull soprano, fat bass walk and nasty drums to put a smile on your face. As they're speed up this slow blues line, the music goes haywire crazy, the horn starts screaming and shouting, Wilber strokes the bass one two punch and the drums just keep running. This unit is like a heavy weight champion with the speed and the precision of a kung-fu fighter.
"We Went That Way" ends the Tampere concerts swinging joyfully at ankle-breaking pace with grace although the band will make take it up a notch with growling notes, just to keep you on your toes.

The second concert gives you a chance to hear another version of "Nasty & Sweet", more coincised and possibly more spiritual. The comparison gives you a good perspective of how rich and in-depth is the creative immagination and passion displayed by the three masterfull musicians. Rarely a title expresses that well the music but between the gritty and uninhibited passion and spiritual pensieveness the music is exactly that : nasty and sweet. 

A monumental performance from a brilliant trio  - I daresay this one should be on any free jazz fans must have list this year.

ps. there are more good news for free jazz fans. Not Two records should soon press a Thomas Borgmann - Wilber Morris - Dennis Charles trio "Live in Poland" cd which is a re-issue of a long gone and extremely limited vinyl.

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