Friday, April 5, 2013

Niski Szum - Songs from the Woods [AudioTong]

Marcin Dymiter - guitar, voc

AudioTong 2011

Marcin Dymiter, known also as Emiter is involved in music in many ways, a guitarist, an electronic performer, experimenting with low-fi technolofies, filed-recordings and more, a producer he's one of the most important persons of polish indie scene.
The project Niski Szum (means "low white noise") is a solo release that proves further the wide range of Emiter's talents.

"Blues from the Green Hills" is a hypnotic guitar piece, with looped theme that makes your mind drifts away, filled with resonating reverbs, vibrato sounds, a delicate harmony of guitar drones.
"The Woods" (in two parts) feature fragmers from Robert Frost poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"  the dark melody is sung with a whispered, mournfull voice, the haunting guitar echoes and vibrates delicately, the simple yet gripping guitar sound bring to my mind the music of Neil Young (like the one for the "Dead Man" movie by J. Jarmusch). "The River" is the centerpiece, long psychodelic and hypnotic track filled with guitar fuzz, disturbing feedback noise, ending as a long meditative drone.

Dymiter intrigues with dark, moody music and monochromatic textures. Intovertic and minimalistic.

You can listen to the whole album via player but I do hope that , if you'll like the music, you'll decide to support the artist and buy it directly from the Krakow-based label (the high-quality download is available at name-your-price).

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