Monday, April 15, 2013

Jazz Alchemist Radio 15.04.2013 with Richard Davis, BASSX3 and others

Good to have you back on the blog (block?) for the new weekly portion of music.

We begin with the jazz calendar - best jazzy birthday wishes to the fabulous bass player Richard Davis, played on numerous sessions with many jazz greats but I chose for the playlist two classic albums, one of which is an undisputed masterpice, the other a creative peak of one of the most underrated artists in jazz history. Both albums were relased within a week (!) by the Blue Note Records and they are
Andrew Hill - Point of Departure (with Eric Dolphy, Kenny Dorham, Joe Henderson, Tony Williams and Davis)
Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch (with Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson and Tony and Davis again)

The 2nd feature of the playlist is the BASSX3 album "Transatlantic"
The 3rd part is comprised of short excerpts from three cds that otherwise present extended improvisations (25-40 mins long) that don't fit that well into any radio format and the cds are:
John Butcher & Mark Sanders - Daylight
Veryan Weston, Ingrid Laubrock, Hannah Marshall - Haste
MMM Quartet - Live at Metz' Arsenal

Andrew Hill - Flight 19
Andrew Hill - Spectrum
Eric Dolphy - Something Sweet, Something Tender
Gebhard Ullmann BASSX3 - Berlin is Full of Lonely People (Part One)
Gebhard Ullmann BASSX3 - Transatlantic (Part Two)
Gebhard Ullmann BASSX3 - The Thing
John Butcher & Mark Sanders - Flicker
Veryan Weston, Ingrid Laubrock - Courtesy of None
MMM Quartet - Part Two

(sorry for the late post but I got stuck at the Off Plus Camera, some great movies there; btw. "Quartet" by Dustin Hoffmann is a must - see)


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