Sunday, April 14, 2013

Concerts Schedule 14.03-21.03

Here's your weekly schedule for Krakow :

The first event I'd like to bring your attention to this week howwever is not a live music confert: 

Off Plus Camera Festival - international independent film festival that actually started on 12.04 and will last through the whole week till 21.04.

Check the festival program, the movies are presented in the various spaces in Krakow.

Vocal Jazz
Piec' ART is the place to go if you want to listen to some vocal jazz this week with double-night stands by Malgorzata Moskiewicz Quartet (13-14), Kasia Blat New Quintet (15-16) and Angelica Matveeva with Fabio Giacchino's Trio (17-18).

15.04 Radiolux at Literki

Radiolux is a multimedia improvisation project that combines acoustic and electronic instruments, field recordings, visual presentations, objects and so on.
the band is marek brandt (triphaze) playing electronics, synth, spatial drum, and fx, fabian niermannplaying saxophon, and prepared clarinet and inka perl moving and creating objects and pictures to live visuals.

16.04 Baaba + Gaba + Bunio at Klub RE - Piastour

For something completely different.
After the crazy tribute to Iron Maiden, Baaba and Gaba Kulka recorded a series of polish rockabilly songs of 60's and 70's. The material will be released on vinyl, the whole production process before was analaogue as well (lamps, tapes and stuff). Can't get more hip and oldschool than that. Fun guaranteed.

On 21.04, day before the next Free The Dance performance in Alchemia there will be a meeting with the freelancers - artists - peferormers I'll be directing (I'll try to post more details asap).

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