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Concerts Schedule 22-28.04

A very busy week in Krakow (non that the previous one was lazy, OffPlus Camera filled pretty well the schedule). I propose for your consideration:

21.04 Dialog with freelance artists at Hurtownia Ruchu.
Let me repeat the invitations for today meeting with Manuela Tessa, Dominika Knapik and Vasco Trilla. (details in the previous post). The meeting in itself is a chance to meet two of the performers who will appear a day after on the event:
22.04 Free The Dance at Alchemia
Another chapter in the series of performances where spirit of improvisation connects the arts of dance and music.
Manuela Tessa, Malgorzata Haduch, Przemek Kaminski - dancers
Paulina Owczarek, Michal Dymny, Vasco Trilla - musicians

Alchemia propose also a series of very intriguing alternative-music concerts:
23.04 Hugo Race Fatalists at Alchemia
A fellow spirit of Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds, Hugo Race's songs present a similar emotional poignance.

24.04 Hang Em High at Alchemia
Hang Em High's music is a mixture of hard, southern rock, instrumental jazz, punk and possible much more. Given the instrumentation the band's sound reminds you of Morphine group, might be good to see if the group lives up to its potential.

25.04 Drekoty at Alchemia
Polish indie group that mixtures a variety of styles, the videos below should say more than my words:

25.04 in fact proposes a huge dilemma as some other events can catch your attention
25.04 Ben Caplan at Piękny Pies
A long-bearded bard, one might hear echoes of grunge and folk and blues, Ben is a great lyricist and charismatic singer, I must admit I'm very impressed with the songs I caught in the web.

25.04 Niechec at Klub Re
Niechęć is one of those bands whose music exists on the fringes of alternative, electro, indie and jazz scenes and their provocative album title "Śmierć w miękkim futerku" ("Death in a soft fur") adds yet another layer to their musical vision. 

26.04 Maciej Obara International Quartet at Manghha
Maciej Obara is one of the premier voices of young generation on jazz scene in Poland. The concert is a part of Festiwa Starzy i czyli Jazz w Krakowie. His bandmates for the project are Dominik Wania on piano, Ole Morten Vaagan - double bass and Gard Nilssen - drums.

As a matter of fact the festival starts a day before with a concert from Norwegian band Picket Corner, unfortunately I wasn't able to find and samples for the band and, to be completely honest, I've already feel like we don't need anymore choices for the 25.04

26.04 Mischief Theatre in Krakow (Improv Event at PAKA Festival - Rotunda)
The latter part of the week is also the time for PAKA festival - the biggest annual cabaret evening in Poland, I wouldn't write about it here if it wasn't for the stage improv event and the return to Krakow of the improvising theatre group Mischief from London which gave a brilliant comedy performance the last time they were here.

27.04 NeoQuartet playing Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Hamza El Din at Cheder Cafe
A string quartet performing works by the master of contemporary minimalism. The concert is part MuLaKuŻ (Muzyczne Laboratorium Kultury Żydowskiej - Musical Laboratory of Jewish Culture). The program will contain:
Terry Riley – Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector (1981)
Hamza El Din – Escalay (Water Wheel) (1989)
Steve Reich – Different Trains for a string quartet and a tape (1988)

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