Sunday, April 28, 2013

Concerts Schedule 29.04-05.05

It was a very intense week concert-wise. Due to the 1. and 3. may festivities, most people in Krakow are planning now a long careless weekend outside the city. The tourists though that are coming for the very same time to Krakow might consider those events a worthy wat to spend the evening:

29.04  Larz Reller Band at Alchemia
A kind of eastern europe folk-funk band that, I've never heard of them but the video below promises quite a positive vibe.

30.04 Catholic Spray, Kaseciarz and Gghost Townn at Piekny Pies
An evening that will be filled with fuzzy guitar riffs, lo-fi garage sounds and rock'n'roll.

01.05 Mike Parker's Unified Theory at Piec'ART
A piano-less dynamic quintet that closes the gap between bop, funky, hip and free.
S.Pezda-ts, B.Prucnal-as, C.Baszyński-tr, M.Parker-db, D.Fortuna-dr

04.05 and 05.05 Chatarra Crew at Piec'ART
An international trio with Vincent Domenech on alto saxophone (Spain), Riedo Okuda on piano (Japan) and Antti Virtarant on double bass (Finland). The chamber music is freely improvised and draws on the qualities of both american and european traditions of improvisation.

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