Monday, April 1, 2013

Jazz Alchemist Radio 01.04.2013 for April's Fool

Easter monday, April's fool day and it' still winter outside. Don't you worry though, here's a special, for-something-completely-different, cheer-up playlist to bring you some laughs.
(you can have much more if you decide to come this thursday to Alchemia for Miąższ koncert).


Miąższ - Wielki Leń
Miąższ - Awangardowa Suszarka
Tomasz Gvinciński i Klub Sam.. - Pułkownika Tesko Klubu Band
Tomasz Gvinciński i Klub Sam.. - Noologia
Sex Mob - Fernando
Mitch & Mitch with their Incre - Dinomatendo
Mitch & Mitch - Wendekreis Des Krebses
Flight Of The Conchords - Robots
Flight Of The Conchords - Sellotape (Pencils In The Wind)
Flight Of The Conchords - Jenny
Monthy Python's SPAMALOT - Tuning
Monthy Python's SPAMALOT - Always Look On The Bright Side of the Life
Monthy Python's SPAMALOT - Brave Sir Robin

Mitch & Mitch's "Mambo 63" is used as background instead of habitual bass solo by Marcin Oles.

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