Friday, November 25, 2011

Anderskov Accident - Full Circle [ILK]

Anderskov Accident:

Kasper Tranberg - trumpet, flugelhorn
Laura Toxvaerd - alto sax
Mads Hyhne - trombone
Jacob Anderskov - wurlitzer
Nils Davidsen - bass
Tom Rainey - drums

ILK Records 2011

If you haven't yet heard Jacob Anderskov it's high time to make up for that and this album is a great possibility to do this. Joined by Tom Rainey, Anderskov Accidents gathers together some of the finest members of danish improvised music scene, to create work of unique vision and youthfull energy.

Within Jacob Anderskov's vision various aesthetics and moods coexist and dialect with each other. Frenetic and lyrical, joyfull and mourning, dark, eerie and light. I have to say I really enjoy the sound of wurlitzer and in Anderskov's hands this instrument is a powerfull tool equally capable of destructive energy and delicate finesse. 

But it's his writing that I enjoy even more. All of the five pieces have something special about them, an intricate twist, a dramaturgy line, a tricky contrast. "Pinxtos for Varese" starts eeriely with mournfull trumpet solo, commenting the appearing / disappearing chord by bass/trombone/sax, commented by percussion magic courtesy of Rainey. Than wurlitzer joins with a heavy, psychotic vamp, with alto sax soloing over it, rusty tone, harsh, predatory. There's something monumental and dangerous about the way the horns state their chords. Sense of frenetic urgency in the wurlitzer's solo. And all that empowered by the absolutely on the spot drumming by Rainey.
"Portrait Of The Lullaby As An Upper" starts as a trio piece, a nice, gentle melody with a solid bass line underneath. Gradually the horn section joins, expanding the charming melody with broad strokes. After a poignant trumpet solo, the piece is closed by the trio it was started by.
"Yelling in Jelling" starts with delicate chord that goes and comes as a wave, features a brilliant extended bass solo and a fiery alto meandering through panpharic motiv. 
"Three Pieces Of Wood" brings back the more energetic kick, low and heavy wurlitzer wamp, with bass and drums in sync punching the groove, platform for another eerie, disturbing melody hold by the horns. Then suddenly it all disappears. Delicate trumpet line, a response by a smoky tone of saxophone, gentle, repeated chord below. And it all disappears again. Squeky, distorted sounds of saxophone is joined by drums. With saxophone bellowing, crying, stuttering with madness, the gentle, lyrical melody of the trumpet returns, so does the chord played by the rest of the band, and they go arm to arm, and the halt together. My favourite track of the cd.

Jacob Anderskov's vision is quite unique and compelling, especially if reinforced by the absolutely stellar performances by all the other musicians in the band. Laura Toxvaerd deserves special recognition for her fiery soloing, but all the others show considerable skills, immagination and passion. But, apart from Anderskov's compositions the hero of the album is Tom Rainey. His drumming is absolutely awe-inspiring, powerfull when needed, melodic, hipnotic, groovy, delicate, generally spot on. His solo in "Psychotonalities" (the last track of the album, another quirky, slightly crazy melody) is a combination of power and finesse that characterizes only the best ones. It's kind of fitting that it's a strong tom sound that ends it, before the applause of the audience in Copenhagen breaks in (the cd was recorded live).
This music is like gravity - it draws you in. Stellar album. 

* couple of pieces from the album ara available in the playlist aired on 12.12.2011

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