Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dennis Gonzalez & Wojtek Mazolewski Double Trio at Literki (22.11)

I love trios, but a double trio doubles the fun, even more to love. Unfortunately Jerzy Rogiewicz's drums set was absent (best wishes to get healthy) but a quintet with two basses is still a neat treat. Let me skipp the beginning and go straight to the third set of the evening when the two bands joined forces.

They hit the stage hard with a powerfully struck note and leave space for the first solo by Marek Pospieszalski on tenor, ferocious playing, fiery, passionate, on edge. Pospieszalski's quickly becoming one of the premier saxophone forces of polish scene, and while he's playing at times is still a bit cocky, he has chops, he has immagination and youthfull energy, and what he plays belies his young age. 
The double bass duo works some wonders, Mazolewski counters Aaron's strong walking with long arco notes, or joins him in creating a dense net. Stefan Gonzalez's drumming is just insane. Ritually, tribally powerfull, speedy as in hardcore metal, he means business. Dennis's trumpet is his usual clear and sweet joy.
The next pieces show what Dennis is  known for, compositions filled with infectious grooves, bass lines that make your foot tap, your head sway rhythmically, your face smile. Music where african, latin, american roots live together. Music that is clearly enjoed to play (guys can't stop smiling on stage) and to listen to (the audience's applauding each solo). 
Dennis Gonzalez's music, while never loosing its spiritual depth and adventurous edge, is accessible, communicative, vibrantly live, entertaining even. It's an experience one truly enjoys to share, proven by the young crowd filling the place and enthusiastically reacting to the music. Near the end of the encore, with just a steady base laid on the bass, everyone joins a joyfull feast of rhythmic clapping. Beautifull music for body and soul.
Can't wait to hear the results of the studio session in Radio Gdańsk from yesterday, with the complete double trio.

once again best wishes of coming back to health to Jerzy Rogiewicz (drummer in Wojtek Mazolewski's trio) who couldn't play his part because of a car accident. He's ok though. 

Dennis Gonzalez - trumpet, cornet, pocket trumpet
Aaron Gonzalez - double bass
Stefan Gonzalez - drums
Wojtek Mazolewski - double bass
Marek Pospieszalski - tenor sax, basset horn

Literki. Krakow. 22.11.2011


  1. do you know that the cd of that visit in poland could be out soon?
    i love your blog.

  2. glad to hear so. unfortunately no idea about the release date.


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